Anagrams – literary fun with word

What is an anagram? How to create anagrams?

Anagrams otherwise fun with word. Anagram is a very sophisticated form of literary games. It involves swapping letters or syllables of any word, phrase, or an entire sentence in such a way as to give rise to another word or phrase having its own meaning. Name anagram derived from two Greek words: ana gramma, meaning “over the letter.


An example of an anagram resulting from the shift case is mary-army“. A simpler way to get an anagram is to arrange the letters of the word in reverse order as such. Saddam-Maddass,” but sometimes it can produce an unexpected result, as in the word “kayak-kayak.” Another of the quick ways to get an anagram is trying to shift its syllables of Paternal – Parental“. For most words we should look for anagrams resulting from the conversion of letters and in this way to the previously used embodiment can receive another pair of words mary-myra.


Where they are used anagrams?

One way to use diagrams are word games, consisting of saving guess the original meaning of the stored ruling. This game can be very developmental for our brain and helps enrich vocabulary.

Arranging angrams requires imagination and creativity, so they sometimes are used for inventing nicknames of artist, for example Vivian Darkbloom is an anagram of the writer named Vladimir Nabokov. Giving nicknames in the form of anagrams of names manifested itself also in the form of satire, such as. Salvador Dali was called Avida Dollars (trans. Greedy for dollars), Gregory House – Huge ego, sorry, or Polish Norwid – On drwi (trans. He scoffs).


Another way to use the anagrams was the encryption of scientific discovery, which was to protect it from competition. The discovery of the rings of Saturn, Galileo wrote in this way: “SMAISMRMILMEPOETALEVMIBUNENUGTTAVIRAS,” which meant “Altissimum planetam tergeminum observavi” (trans. The highest planet watched as triple).

Huygens after the discovery of Saturn’s moon named later a Titan, he wrote in the form of an anagram, a description hiding explanation of variable appearance of Saturn as “aaaaaaacccccdeeeeeghiiiiiiillllmmnnnnnnnnnooooppqrrstttttuuuuu” which meant “Annulo cingitur, tenui, plano, nusquam cohaerente, ad clipticam inclinato” (trans. It is surrounded by thin, flat disk that it does not touch anywhere and is inclined to the ecliptic). Hooke their right originally announced as “ceiiinosssttuv,” which was translated into “Ut tensio, sic vis” (trans. What extension, such a force).


Examples where use has anagrams are many, but anyone can use them for their own needs and totally free, just a little bit of ingenuity.