Rhymes – Find a rhyme for every word.

What is rhyme? Where to find rhymes for the words?

Rhyme – this is the final part of the compliance of the sound of words. An example can be here the juxtaposition of words headphones – convulsions. Very often it comes at the end of each verse poems, songs. It is also used as an aid in remembering eg. in chemical rules, spelling or commercials.


There is a division rhymes:

Perfect rhymes

Classifying perfect rhymes can be depend on the number of rhyme syllables, which is dictated by the final position syllables.

  • – single: a rhyme is on the final syllable of the words (rhyme, anticrime)
  • – double: a rhyme is on the penultimate (second from last) syllable of the words (picky, balicki)
  • – dactylic: a rhyme is on the antepenultimate (third from last) syllable (symphonies, Aristophanes)

General rhymes

General rhyme are referring to similar-sounding and phonetic similarity between words.

Identical rhymes

They have the same letters on the end of words, but they dont not have identical accents.

Eye rhyme

They have the same letters on the end of words, but they have different sound eq. “cough – bough“, and “love – move“.