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aldrich's, backstitches, britches, ditches, riches, switches, witches, agache's, agaches, arches, batches, beach's, beaches, blotches, blowtorches, branches, bunches, church's, clenches, clinches, clutches, detaches, drenches, gerchas, impeaches, inches, inches', latches, launches, matches, matsch's, mevarach's, mevarachs, nevarach's, notches, patches, peaches, porches, pouches, quenches, ranches, reaches, scratches, sketches, speeches, stretches, swatches, teaches, touches, watches, approaches, catches, churches, detaches, 'cause, abiola's, abouhalima's, abraxa's, abraxas, abridges, abuellah's, accomplices, achoa's, actava's, actavas, acura's, acuras, ada's, adas, adelphia's, admira's, advanta's, advanta's, aerovias, aetna's, afula's, agendas, aguirra's, ajax's, akita's, alabama's, alaska's, albania's, alcoa's, alessandra's, alfa's, algeria's, algodones, alice's, alices, alicia's, alija's, aliquippa's, aliquippas, alitalia's, alitalia's, almas, alpha's, altima's, alyeska's, alza's, amanda's, amandas, amaryllises, amenaces, america's, americana's, americanas, americas, amoebas, anacostia's, anastas, andoras, andrea's, andrea's, anemias, angela's, angelicas, angola's, angoras, ankara's, anna's, annas, ansa's, antarctica's, antenna's, antennas, anthes, apalachicola's, apparatuses, appearances, arabia's, area's, areas, arena's, arenas, arenella's, argentina's, argentinas, arianna's, arias, arizona's, arkla's, armas, armenia's, aromas, arrhythmias, artemas, artra's, arvida's, arzamas, asia's, asmaras, asses, astra's, ataxia's, athanas, athas, atlanta's, attila's, audience's, audience's, audiences, audiences, augusta's, australia's, austria's, avana's, axa's, ayatollah's, azaleas, baba's, baba's, babushkas, backlashes, backslashes, bacteria's, bagdonas, bahamas, baidoa's, baidoas, bainbridge's, balchunas, balderas, ballas, ballerinas, balukas, bananas, banas, bandages, bandanas, banegas, bankamerica's, banyas, banyas, barbara's, barcenas, bargas, barges, barnas, barras, basara's, base's, bases, bavaria's, bazookas, because, beeba's, begala's, begonias, beige's, beiges, bellas, bellerose, bermudas, bernas, berra's, betas, biotechnica's, blockhouses, blouses, blushes, boas, bolivia's, bolsa's, bonifas, bonobos, booras, boorda's, borda's, bordas, borjas, borras, bosnia's, bosnias, botha's, botha's, boxes, braces, brainwashes, brattaslava's, brenda's, briana's, briana's, brianna's, bridges, bronzes, bruce's, bruises, buddha's, bulgaria's, bumpas, buras, burkina's, burma's, bushes, businesses, busses, buttresses, cabanas, cabezas, cafeterias, calaveras, california's, callas, cambodia's, camera's, cameras, cameras, campuses, canada's, canas, caprices, cara's, cara'veras, caras, carolina's, carolinas, carras, carriages, cartridges, casas, cases, casias, casillas, causes, cayuses, cephas, cernuda's, cessna's, cessna's, chances, changes, characterizes, chases, chattanooga's, chechnya's, cheetahs, chiapas', chichauha's, china's, chitra's, choices, chooses, chryseis, ciba's, ciba's, cicadas, cinema's, cinemas, circumstances, circuses, citrus's, clara's, clara's, classes, clauses, cleopatra's, clucas, coastamerica's, cobras, cola's, colombia's, columbia's, comas, commas, commences, complexes, compresses, compresses, comprises, conagra's, condolences, conferences, conferences, confiterias, consequences, contras, contras, contras', converses, converses, coolidge's, copas, copolla's, coppola's, cora's, cordoba's, cordobas, corneas, corona's, corpses, corsicas, cortinas, costas, counterchallenges, counterchallenges, courses, covarrubias, creches, cresses, croatia's, crosspieces, cuba's, cumbias, cynthia's, czechoslovakia's, daiwa's, dakota's, dakotas, damages, damas, dana's, dances, data's, data's, datas, datas, davis', davis's, daya's, deandrea's, deandrea's, dearmas, deborah's, deborah's, decarava's, decreases, defenses, defreitas, deidre's, delmas, delosreyes, delrina's, delta's, deltas, deltona's, delucas, demolishes, depalma's, depresses, despina's, dethomas, devices, diana's, diarrheas, dias, diasa's, diez, differences, diffuses, dilemmas, dimas, dioceses, diplomas, discharges, discharges, discusses, diseases, dishes, distances, disturbances, ditka's, divas, djakarta's, dobias, dollar's, donna's, donnas, doses, doukas, drachmas, dramas, dredges, dresses, drina's, drinas, dubas, dudas, dugas, duma's, dumas, dundas, dybas, dykas, economizes, economizes, edges, elisa's, elisa's, ella's, elsas, embellishes, emma's, empresas, encata's, encinas, encinias, encompasses, encourages, encyclopedias, encyclopedias, enemas, enmeshes, enrages, enterprise's, enterprise's, entourages, entourages, entrances, epeda's, era's, era's, eras, erma's, ethiopia's, eugenia's, euthanasia's, eva's, eva's, evidences, exchanges, expresses, extras, extravaganzas, eyeglasses, faces, fajitas, fajitas, farias, farinas, fazekas, felicia's, fermenta's, fermenta's, fidora's, figaroa's, firenzas, fireplaces, fishes, flanges, florida's, florida's, florida's, flourishes, fonda's, forages, formica's, formica's, formulas, forsythias, forsythias, fox's, foxes, freitas, frias, fridges, fuchsias, fuklah's, furbishes, fuses, galas, galerias, gallas, galoshes, galvanizes, ganas, garajda's, garajda's, garcia's, garcias, gardenias, garnishes, garroz, garuda's, gases, gashes, gauges, gaviotas, gaviotas, gaza's, gazes, geddes, gelinas, genres, george's, georges, georgia's, gerchas, ghana's, gia's, giaconda's, gibas, gikas, gina's, ginas, gingras, glasses, glazes, goeas, goeas, golas, gondolas, gondolas, gonzalez, gonzalez's, goodfellas, gorazde's, gorazde's, gorgas, gorges, gorillas, goya's, gracias, granada's, grasses, greenhouses, greta's, gretna's, grievances, grigas, guatemala's, guavas, guba's, guerillas, guerrillas, guerrillas', guevara's, guevara's, guises, gulas, guses, halas, hallas, hamlisch's, hanas, hanna's, hannahs, hanukkah's, hanukkahs, hanwa's, harnesses, harrah's, has, hashes, havana's, headdresses, headmistresses, hecla's, heikes, helena's, hercegovina's, hercegovina's, heritages, hermias, hernandez's, herzegovina's, herzegovina's, hibernia's, hietpas, hillegas, hoffa's, homages, homages, honda's, horace's, horse's, horses, hosea's, hosea's, hosoka's, hosokawa's, hostages, hostesses, houses, huizenga's, hulce's, humana's, hydras, hyenas, hymas, hypnotizes, hyraxes, iacocca's, iberia's, ices, idea's, ideas, iguanas, ijaz, ilana's, images, impoverishes, improvises, improvises, incas, incata's, india's, indiana's, indonesia's, inkatha's, inkatha's, instances, intersperses, iowa's, iowa's, ira's, iras, irma's, islas, ithaca's, jakarta's, jamaica's, janas, jehovah's, jerboas, jessica's, joncas, joshua's, juhas, juices, julia's, jura's, juras, justices, kabila's, kafka's, kalas, kallas, kamehameha's, kangas, karas, karema's, karras, kashiwahara's, kasinga's, katarina's, katyushas, kazlauskas, kenya's, kenya's, kimonos, kiska's, kisses, klimas, klukas, koalas, kondas, kopas, korea's, koreas, koresh's, kostas, kotas, krajina's, krajina's, kubas, kuchma's, kulas, kuras, kurumizowa's, labianca's, laces, ladas, lagunas, lakotas, lakotas', lama's, lamas, languages, lanka's, latkas, latoya's, latvia's, laura's, lavishes, lekas, lena's, lenses, leonidas, leucadia's, lia's, liberia's, libya's, ligas, lighthouses, lilias, limas, limas, linda's, lira's, lisa's, lithuania's, liz's, llamas, llanas, llosa's, lodges, lollapaloozas, lomas, lonas, lorena's, losses, louima's, louisiana's, lovas, lozenges, luanda's, lubas, lueras, lueras, lufthansa's, lukas, lula's, lusitania's, lusitanias, luxottica's, luxottica's, lymphomas, macedonia's, macedonia's, madonna's, maestas, mafia's, mafias, magma's, magna's, magnolias, maharajahs, maize's, malaysia's, mama's, mamas, mambas, managua's, manas, mancillas, mandela's, mangas, manila's, maras, marceca's, marcessa's, marcia's, maria's, marietta's, marinas, marissa's, markunas, marseca's, marshes, marsisa's, martha's, mascarenas, mascarenas, masses, masterpieces, matala's, matas, matias, matra's, matsushita's, matsushita's, mattias, mattresses, maura's, maurice's, maurice's, mazda's, mazda's, mazurkas, mazzola's, mclucas, mcnamara's, mecca's, media's, medusas, mehta's, mejias, melissa's, melodramas, menorah's, menorahs, mesa's, messages, messiahs, mestas, metallica's, michela's, micromanages, midges, miklas, milas, militia's, militia's, militias, militias, minimizes, minnesota's, minorco's, mirages, miranda's, misa's, miscayuna's, misdiagnoses, mismanages, missouri's, mistresses, mixes, miyazawa's, mochas, molasses, moma's, momokawa's, mona's, mongooses, monica's, montana's, montedison's, mortgages, moshe's, mosses, motorola's, mullahs, multimedia's, multimedia's, murayama's, muses, musica's, myla's, nafta's, nahas, nahmias, najibullah's, namibia's, nasa's, nashua's, natasha's, natasha's, natomas, navratilova's, nebraska's, nethuva's, nevada's, nevada's, newsflashes, niagara's, nicaragua's, nicklas, nickolas, niclaneshia's, nigeria's, ninjas, nirvana's, nirvana's, nirvanas, nirvanas, nitza's, noah's, nokia's, nomura's, nomura's, nora's, noranda's, noriega's, nourishes, nova's, novas, nurses, nurses', o'canas, o'hara's, obama's, ocanas, offices, ohara's, oklahoma's, oksana's, olivia's, olympia's, omnibuses, opera's, operas, operettas, oprah's, oranges, orchestra's, orchestras, orifices, ornelas, ornella's, ornellas, ortega's, osages, osakowa's, osha's, ottawa's, ounces, packages, pages, pagliuca's, pagoda's, pagodas, pajamas, pajamas, palca's, palinkas, palma's, pamela's, pampas, panas, pandas, pandora's, panetta's, pantera's, papas, papayas, pariahs, parkas, parras, parsonages, pasillas, passages, passes, pastas, pastiches, patronizes, pauses, pena's, pena's, penja's, pennsylvania's, peoria's, performances, pergolas, peria's, perras, pesetas, peta's, petipa's, petras, petrauskas, petunias, petunias, phases, philadelphia's, phobias, phrases, piano's, pianos, picas, pieces, pietras, pinetta's, pizza's, pizzas, pizzerias, places, placetas, planas, plaza's, plaza's, plazas, plazas, plumages, poinsettias, polymerizes, ponderosa's, porpoises, porsche's, poses, possesses, pravda's, prearranges, premises, presses, pretoria's, preyistas, prices, primerica's, primroses, princes, prinz's, priscilla's, prizes, processes, produces, progresses, progresses, prominences, promises, protuberances, protuberances, provinces, pseudomonas, publishes, puma's, punishes, purchases, purposes, pushes, puskas, quina's, quotas, races, ragas, raises, ramada's, randa's, ranges, reanalyzes, rebbe's, rebecca's, recesses, reesjones', reflexes, refuses, regas, regattas, relishes, rentas, replicas, resemblances, responses, ressa's, reverses, ribas, rica's, ridges, rigas, rinas, rises, rita's, rodas, romania's, romas, rosa's, rosaria's, rosas, ruelas, rummages, rushes, russia's, rutabagas, rwanda's, rwanda's, sabas, sabatista's, sabatistas, sabatistas', safra's, sagas, sage's, salinas, salinas', salsas, samaras, sandinistas, sandinistas', sankara's, santa's, sanwa's, sara's, sarah's, sardinas, sassafras's, sauces, saunas, saundra's, savages, savannas, savickas, scalia's, scalia's, scandinavia's, schemas, sciences, scillas, scotia's, seamstresses, sega's, selena's, selinas, sense-datas, sense-datas, sentences, sequa's, sequences, sequoias, serbia's, serbias, serena's, serpas, serra's, services, services', sexes, shalala's, sharma's, shasta's, sheila's, shias, shobana's, shobanna's, shortages, shuwa's, sienna's, sierra's, sierras, silva's, silvas, simas, simba's, sinatra's, sinuses, sizes, skippa's, skoczylas, slices, slovakia's, smoshes, soda's, sodas, sodomizes, sofas, sofia's, somalia's, somalia's, somalias, somalias, sonatas, sources, sources', sousa's, souzas, sowata's, soyuz, spaces, spatulas, spectra's, spices, spouses, srebrenica's, srebrenica's, stabilizes, stamas, stanzas, stella's, stevens's, stora's, storehouses, stratas, stresses, suata's, subpoenas, substances, successes, sumita's, surfaces, surges, susquehanna's, swastikas, sylvia's, syria's, syringes, takoma's, takomas, tamas, tampa's, tamraz's, tantalizes, tanzania's, tanzania's, tanzania's, tara's, tara's, tarantulas, tarantulas, taras, tauruses, taverna's, tavernas, taxes, televisa's, tenpas, teresa's, teresa's, tereza's, terraces, texas's, thalia's, thelma's, theresa's, theresa's, thrushes, tiaras, ticonderoga's, tina's, tonga's, tonka's, tonnages, tonya's, tonyes, tortillas, tortoises, toshiba's, tougas, toyota's, toyotas, traces, tracinda's, trakas, transamerica's, transcanada's, traumas, travolta's, travoltas, treatises, tricia's, trisha's, tropicana's, tsongas's, tsongas's, tunas, tunica's, tuscaloosa's, tuzla's, typefaces, uganda's, ultra's, umbrellas, urbas, urges, urias, uriegas, usages, uses, uses, utopias, valencia's, valensuela's, vallas, vandellas, vanegas, vanya's, varnishes, vases, vendettas, venegas, venezuela's, verandas, veras, versus, vices, victoria's, victorias, viegas, vienna's, villa's, villas, villegas, violas, virginia's, viruses, visa's, visas, vista's, vistas, vivas, vodkas, voices, voltages, voyages, vs, wabash's, wadas, wages, wala's, walas, walesa's, walesa's, wallace's, waltzes, waltzes, wedges, westamerica's, wheezes, wheezes, whiplashes, whiplashes, wikipedia's, willapa's, witnesses, xoma's, xoma's, xoma's, yoda's, yugoslavia's, yuhas, yuma's, zacarias, zambia's, zapatista's, zapatistas, zappa's, zebras, zenas, zendejas, zeneca's, zervas, zia's, zinnias, zlata's, zukas, 'twas, abuzz, advance's, advances, advanta's, africa's, africa's, afterimages, ages, alitalia's, alleges, alliances, ambulances, america's, americas, americas', andrea's, appliances, arises, ashes, atlanta's, audience's, audiences, baba's, balances, banyas, because, bonobos, briana's, buzz, buzze, cameras, carla's, carriages, cessna's, charges, chipetas, ciba's, cigna's, clara's, compresses, conferences, confidence's, contras, converses, counterchallenges, data's, datas, davis', deandrea's, deborah's, delosreyes, differences, dioceses, does, dollar's, economizes, elisa's, emphasizes, encata's, encourages, encyclopedias, enterprise's, entourages, eos's, era's, eva's, exercises, expenses, fajitas, farmhouses, fences, fermenta's, florida's, formica's, forsythias, fragrances, fuzz, garajda's, gaviotas, geddes, gerchas, goeas, gondolas, gorazde's, greenhouses, guesses, guevara's, guses, has, hercegovina's, herzegovina's, hezbollah's, homages, hosea's, imposes, increases, indulgences, iowa's, kenya's, korea's, korea's, koreas, koreas, krajina's, latexes, lighthouses, limas, loses, lueras, luxottica's, luz, maharaja's, maradona's, maradonna's, mascarenas, maurice's, mazda's, militia's, militias, misdiagnoses, misses, missouri's, moshe's, multimedia's, natasha's, nevada's, nirvana's, nirvanas, nomura's, notices, occhoa's, outdoes, overdoes, pajamas, palace's, palaces, pena's, petunias, piano's, pianos, plaza's, plazas, poinsettias, practices, praises, privileges, privileges, progresses, protuberances, recognizes, reduces, reesjones', responses, reverses, rwanda's, salinas, salinas', scalia's, sense-datas, services', shoelaces, showbuzz, slovakia's, somalia's, somalias, specializes, splashes, sponges, srebrenica's, stages, tacoma's, takeshita's, tantalizes, tanzania's, tara's, tarantulas, teresa's, terra's, testers, theda's, theresa's, topeka's, tsongas's, twas, uses, verses, versus, villages, walesa's, waltzes, was, weaknesses, wheezes, whiplashes, xoma's, zlata's,
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