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roughness, aloofness, daphnis, deafness, softness, stiffness, softness, abolitionists, abruptness, absoluteness, acuteness, adonis, aggressiveness, agribusiness, airworthiness, alertness, alumnus, anas, androgynous, anise, antagonists, anus, appropriateness, aquinas, arbitrariness, assertiveness, astuteness, asynchronous, attentiveness, attractiveness, awareness, awfulness, awkwardness, backwardness, badness, bagginess, baldness, barsness, bearishness, bigness, bitchiness, bitterness, bituminous, blackness, blandness, blastfurnace, bleakness, blessedness, blindness, bloatedness, blueness, bluntness, boldness, bonus, boorishness, bounciness, brashness, brazenness, brightness, buenos, bullishness, burness, business, business', callousness, calmness, calmness, cardenas, carelessness, cautiousness, cavernous, cheapness, cheerfulness, chitinous, clearness, cleverness, clumsiness, cockiness, cohesiveness, coldness, colinas, colonus, combativeness, compactness, completeness, consciousness, contagiousness, contentiousness, contrariness, conus, coolness, correctness, coziness, craziness, creativeness, creditworthiness, crispness, cronus, crookedness, cuteness, cygnus, dangerousness, darkness, deaconess, deadliness, decisiveness, defensiveness, directness, directness, directness, directness, discontentedness, disingenuousness, distinctiveness, divisiveness, dizziness, dominus, dreariness, drowsiness, drunkenness, dryness, duenas, dullness, eagerness, earnestness, edginess, effectiveness, effectiveness, elusiveness, emptiness, emptiness, endogenous, enos, eunice, evenness, exogenous, eyewitness, fadness, faintness, fairness, farsightedness, fastness, fickleness, fidenas, firmness, fitness, flatness, fondness, foolishness, forcefulness, forgiveness, forgiveness, forthrightness, foulness, fractiousness, frankness, freshness, fullness, funniness, furnace, furnas, gainous, gauntness, gayness, gelatinous, gentleness, gentleness, genus, ghastliness, givenness, glonass, gluttonous, goodness, governess, graciousness, greatness, greenness, grimness, guiness, guinness, hairiness, handedness, happiness, hardness, harkness, harmfulness, harness, harshness, hartness, hawkiness, healthiness, heinous, hellaciousness, helplessness, high-spiritedness, highness, hoarseness, holderness, holiness, homelessness, homesickness, homogenous, hopelessness, humanness, idleness, ignace, illness, indecisiveness, indigenous, ineffectiveness, inertness, innes, intravenous, inventiveness, janice, janus, jewishness, joblessness, johannes, jointness, jonas, keratoconus, kindness, kotsonis, kotsonis, kotsonis', kotsonis', larcenous, lateness, lawlessness, laziness, lenis, lessness, lightfastness, lightheadedness, lightness, likeness, linnas, linus, liveliness, loneliness, lousiness, low-spiritedness, luminous, macinnes, macinnis, madness, magnus, malvinas, marianas, mcginess, mcginness, mcginnis, mcginniss, mcguiness, mcguinness, mcinnes, mcinnis, mckiness, mckinnis, mcmanis, mcmannis, mcmanus, meanness, membranous, menace, minas, mindedness, minus, monotonous, monus, mountainous, mutinous, narrowness, nastiness, nearsightedness, neatness, nervousness, newness, niceness, niggardliness, nitrogenous, non-business, non-poisonous, nonbusiness, nonpoisonous, nosiness, nothingness, numbness, oleaginous, ominous, oneness, oneness, onus, openness, openness, orderliness, otherness, outrageousness, outspokenness, pandanus, parness, patroness, peacefulness, permissiveness, persuasiveness, petronas, pianists, playfulness, pocahontas, poisonous, politeness, polygynous, pompousness, poor-spiritedness, possessiveness, powerlessness, preakness, preparedness, public-spiritedness, queasiness, quickness, quietness, raciness, randomness, ravenous, readiness, reasonableness, reasonableness, rebelliousness, recklessness, redness, remoteness, resistiveness, resourcefulness, responsiveness, restiveness, restlessness, restrictiveness, richness, righteousness, rightness, riskiness, robustness, roominess, rowdiness, rudeness, ruinous, ruthlessness, sadness, salinas, salinas', sameness, sandness, scantiness, secretiveness, self-consciousness, selfishness, selinas, sensitiveness, separateness, seriousness, sethness, sexiness, shakiness, shallowness, sharpness, shortness, shrewdness, shyness, sickness, silliness, sinus, skittishness, slackness, sleepiness, sloppiness, slovenliness, slowness, sluggishness, slyness, smallness, smoothness, smugness, softness, soundness, spiritedness, squeamishness, steadfastness, steepness, sternness, sternness, stillness, stoutness, strangeness, stubbornness, stubbornness, sturdiness, suddenness, suggestiveness, surfaceness, sweetness, swiftness, tardiness, tartness, tastiness, tenderness, tennis, terseness, tetanus, thickness, thoroughness, ticinus, tightness, timeliness, titinus, togetherness, trustworthiness, truthfulness, truthiness, ugliness, uneasiness, unfairness, uniqueness, unpleasantness, unwieldiness, uranus, uranus, urness, usefulness, vaness, vanous, vastness, venice, venous, venus, villainous, vincennes, vindictiveness, vividness, voluminous, wastefulness, waterishness, weakness, weariness, weightlessness, weirdness, wellness, wetness, whiteness, whiteness, wholesomeness, wickedness, wilderness, wildness, willingness, wimpiness, wistfulness, witness, witness', wonderfulness, worldliness, wryness, yanis, abolitionists, antagonists, buenos, business', calmness, directness, effectiveness, emptiness, forgiveness, gentleness, kotsonis, kotsonis', nuss, oneness, openness, pettiness, pianists, pocahontas, reasonableness, selinas, sternness, stubbornness, uranus, whiteness, abacus, accomplice, acidosis, acrimonious, acropolis, actress, actus, adamkus, addidas, addidas', adenovirus, adidas, adolphus, adulterous, advantageous, adventurous, aegis, aeltus, aeneas, aerolineas, aeronauticas, aeschelus, ageless, agilis, agregious, ahasuerus, aimless, airbus, airless, alatas, albertus, albus, aldous, alias, all-purpose, allais, allergist's, allergists, alturas, altus, amadeus, ambassadress, ambidextrous, ambiguous, ambitious, americus, amicus, amorous, amorphous, amos, amphibious, anacortes, analogous, andras, andreas, andrus, angiogenesis, angus, animists, animous, animus, anomalous, anonymous, anschluss, antiochus, antithesis, antonius, anxious, anxious, anzus, apotheosis, apparatus, apprentice, aquarius, aqueous, aransas, archdiocese, arcturus, arcturus, arduous, argus, argyropoulos, arlauskas, armistice, arris, artemus, arteriosclerosis, arthritis, artus, asbestos, asmodeus, asparagus, assiduous, assuras, atlas, atrocious, atticus, audacious, augustus, augustus, auspicious, australopithecus, autonomous, avarice, axis, baccus, bachus, bacillus, backless, backus, balas, ballasts, banctexas, banderas, baptists, barbarous, barcus, barkus, barnabas, barrus, bartus, baseless, basis, batignolles, batuigas, batus, batus, baucus, baucus, baugus, bayus, beavis, beilfuss, belous, bemis, berettas, bialas, bias, bierbusse, bilious, bippus, blameless, blasphemous, bloodless, bobolas, bockius, bockus, bodegas, bodhisattvas, boggus, bogus, boisterous, boisterous, bolus, boneless, borealis, bottomless, boulalas, boundless, bournias, bowlus, brademas, brajdas, breathless, broadus, bronchitis, brontosaurus, brontosaurus, brosious, brountas, brutus, bruxelles, bulbous, bumpus, bupkus, burgess, burkus, burress, burrous, burrus, burruss, butros, buttress, byas, byus, cacace, cactus, cadmus, calabasas, calamitous, calculus, callace, callous, callus, calveras, camdessus, campus, canariensis, cancerous, candace, cannabis, cantankerous, canvas, canvass, capacious, capricious, caracas, carboniferous, carcass, carnivorous, carolus, cashless, cassandras, catharsis, caucasus, caucus, caucus, cautious, cedras, cedras', celsius, census, cephus, ceraceous, cerus, cetus, chapas, chiapas, childless, chivas, chivas, chorus, christmas, christmas', circuitous, circus, cirrhosis, cirrus, citrus, clackamas, classless, claudius, cloudless, clueless, coccus, coitus, colas, coleus, colorless, colossus, columbus, columbus', comitatus, commodious, compas, compass, confucius, congress, congress', coniferous, conscientious, conscious, consensus, conspicuous, constantinides, contagious, contemporaneous, contemptuous, contentious, contiguous, continuous, copernicus, copetas, copetas, copious, coppess, copus, cordless, cornelius, cornwallis, corpus, corvus, countess, countless, courageous, courteous, covas, cowardice, credulous, crevice, crisis, crocus, crustaceous, cunnilingus, curious, curless, curtis, cutaneous, cutlass, cypress, cyprus, cyrenius, cyrus, cytomegalovirus, daedalus, daedalus, dallas, dallas', damaris, damascus, dangerous, danjus, darius, davis, davis', deangelis, debose, debrosse, deciduous, decorous, decurtis, defenseless, defilippis, degas, dejesus, deleterious, delfosse, delgiudice, delicious, delirious, deltadromeus, demas, demetrius, demus, denarius, denktas, dermis, derose, desirous, dethomas, detritus, detritus, devious, dextrous, diagnosis, dialysis, dicus, digitalis, dilophosaurus, diocese, dionysius, directionless, directionless, directionless, directionless, disadvantageous, disastrous, discus, disingenuous, diskless, disservice, distrigas, dittus, divinitas, domas, dorcas, doris, doris, doubtless, douglas, douglas', douglass, dowless, dreyfus, dreyfus, dreyfuss, dubious, duchess, ductless, duenas, duffus, dulles, duplicitous, duross, dyas, dycus, dyess, dyloptisaurus, eachus, earless, earless, edifice, efficacious, effortless, egregious, elbrus, elias, embarrass, emeritus, encephalitis, encompass, endless, enormous, enormous, enterividous, enterococcus, envious, eohippus, epidermis, equitas, erasmus, erastus, erroneous, erroneous, esophagus, estrous, estrus, eucalyptus, eustace, eustis, exodus, expeditious, extraneous, eyeless, fabrizius, fabulous, faceless, facetious, factitious, fallacious, famous, farkas, farless, fastidious, fatherless, fatuous, faubus, faustus, fearless, featherless, featureless, febres, felicitous, fellas, felonious, feltus, fenceless, fergus, ferocious, ferrous, festus, fetus, fibrous, fichus, fictitious, filmless, fiscus, flawless, fleitas, flightless, flirtatious, focus, fortas, fortress, fortuitous, fossiliferous, fracas, fractious, francis, francis', fremitus, fresenius, frictionless, frivolous, fruitless, fungus, furious, gallus, gargus, garrulous, gaseous, gastritis, gavras, geddes, gekas, generous, genesis, genius, georgakis, georgiades, geotaxis, gervase, gittis, glacis, gladiolus, glamorous, globus, glorious, glottis, goddess, godless, gonzales, gorgeous, goris, graceless, gracious, gradus, gratis, gratuitous, gravitas, gregarious, gregus, grievous, grimace, groundless, guileless, gulyas, gunsalus, gustavus, gustus, gyrocompass, habeas, hairless, hantavirus, hapless, hargus, harkless, harmless, harmonious, harquebus, hartless, hatteras, hattusas, hazardous, headless, headmistress, heartless, heiress, heironimus, heliopolis, hellacious, helpless, hepatitis, herbaceous, herbivorous, herbivorous, heterogeneous, heterosis, heterosporous, heterozygous, hiatus, hideous, hilarious, hillas, hillegass, himalayas, himalayas, hingis, hippocampus, hippolytus, hippopotamus, hocus, holthus, holvis, holvis', homeless, homeostasis, homo-erectus, homogeneous, homologous, homosporous, homozygous, hondas, honduras, hopeless, horace, horatius, hornless, horrendous, horus, hospice, hostess, hovious, hubris, hugus, hugus, humerous, humerous, humerus, hummus, humongous, humorless, humorous, humus, hurless, hydroencephalus, hydrolysis, hydrous, hypnosis, hypothesis, ibis, icarus, ickes', idolatrous, ifas, ignatius, igneous, ignominious, ignoramus, ilalis, ilalis', illustrious, imperious, impervious, impetuous, impetus, impious, imus, incestuous, incongruous, inconspicuous, incredulous, indubious, indus, industrious, infamous, infectious, ingenious, ingenuous, inglorious, injudicious, injurious, innocuous, insectivorous, insidious, instantaneous, interoffice, invidious, iris, irregardless, isis, issueless, isthmus, jacobus, jarvis, jaundice, jealous, jeffus, jerris, jesus, jesus', jewess, jobless, josephus, joyous, judas, judicious, julius, justice, justus, kallus, kalous, kansas, kansas', kappus, keyless, kilgus, kious, kiryas, kobus, kontras, koskotas, kupres, laborious, lacksadaiscious, lactobacillus, lalas, landess, landrus, landsbergis, lapidus, lapis, largess, laryngitis, lascivious, las_vegas, lattice, lawless, lazarus, leaderless, leafless, lecherous, legless, lemus, lesabres, lettuce, leviticus, lexus, libelous, licentious, lifeless, limbless, limitless, lingus, linkous, lintas, listless, litigious, litigious, litmus, locus, loess, loftus, logiudice, lois, loise, loquacious, los_angeles, los_palmas, lotus, lotus', loveless, lucas, lucas', lucius, luckless, lucus, ludicrous, lugubrious, lummus, lupus, lustrous, luxurious, lycurgus, macias, madis, madras, magnanimous, malice, malicious, malpass, malphrus, malpractice, manassas, mandamus, manglapus, maquiladoras, maquilas, marcellus, marcinkus, marcus, margaritas, margus, marius, markkas, markus, marous, marquess, marseilles, martus, marvellous, marvelous, maryalice, masius, mastoiditis, mataksas, mathias, mathias, matthias, mattress, matyas, mauritius, maurus, maximus, maxus, mcamis, mccandless, mccanless, mccomas, mccreless, mccrillis, mcdaris, mcdyess, mcgillis, mcmorris, mcnelis, mcnellis, mcnicholas, meaningless, meatless, medicus, megace, megalopolis, meiosis, meleis, melodious, memphis, memphis, mendacious, meningitis, merciless, meris, meritless, meritorious, metamorphasis, metamorphosis, metaxas, meticulous, metropolis, mewas, mewas, mickus, midas, mikus, milpitas, mindless, miraculous, miscellaneous, mischievous, misdiagnosis, mistress, mobius, modus, molpus, molpus', momentous, monogamous, monstrous, mopus, morpheus, morphogenesis, morphonios, morris, morris', moses, moshus, moshus, motionless, mottus, mucous, mucus, multipurpose, murderous, murias, mysterious, nablus, nameless, narcissus, narjes, nauseous, nautilus, navas, nebulous, necklace, necropolis, necrosis, needless, nefarious, negropalpus, negus, nephrosis, nervous, neurosis, nexus, nicholas, nicholas, nicholas', nicholas', nicklaus, nickless, nicolas, nimbus, nitrous, non-ferrous, non-religious, nonferrous, nonreligious, noriegas, nostradamus, notice, notorious, novellus, novice, noxious, nucleus, numerous, nutritious, oblivious, obnoxious, obsequious, obstreperous, obvious, octavius, odious, odorless, odorous, odysseus, oedipus, office, ogress, olympias, olympus, olympus', omnibus, omnivorous, onerous, optimus, optus, opus, orcas, orifice, orpheus, ortegas, oscalus, ostentatious, osteoarthritis, outrageous, overambitious, overgenerous, overzealous, oviparous, ovoviviparous, oxalis, painless, palace, pallas, palonius, pancreas, papadopoulos, paperless, pappas, paralysis, paramus, pardus, paribas, parnassus, parsimonious, paulhamus, paulus, peatross, pegasus, pelvis, pendergrass, pendulous, penniless, penurious, peras, percutaneous, perilous, pernicious, persepolis, perseus, perspicacious, petrobras, petrus, pettus, pharis, phebus, phileas, philippoussis, phineas, phoebus, phosphorous, phosphorus, phylis, pickus, pikus, pilatus, pilotless, pincus, pinellas, pinkus, pious, piraeus, pitiless, pius, pleuritis, pleuritis, plexus, plinius, pluribus, pocahontas, pocus, pointless, polaris, polhemus, polis, polonius, polus, polyandrous, polygamous, pompous, ponderous, poolas, populace, populous, porous, porpoise, portentous, posthumous, poulos, poultice, powerless, prapas, precancerous, precarious, precious, precipice, precipitous, precocious, precocious, predaceous, preface, preposterous, preposterous, prestigious, prestigious, presumptuous, pretentious, previous, priceless, priestess, primus, prius, proboscis, prodigious, prognosis, prometheus, promiscuous, promiscuous, promise, promus, prophetess, propitious, prospectus, prosperous, proteinaceous, prothallus, proventus, provus, prowess, psoriasis, psychoanalysis, psychokinesis, psychosis, pumice, punctilious, purchase, purpose, purposeless, pusillanimous, pythagorus, qantas, qantas, querulous, radius, rambunctious, ramus, rancorous, raptopoulos, rapturous, rastus, raucous, rebellious, rebellious, rebus, reckless, redus, refocus, regardless, religious, religious, remorseless, remus, repetitious, repurchase, restless, resurface, retrovirus, rhesus, rhinoceros, rhodus, ridiculous, righteous, rigorous, rimkus, riotous, riskless, robustas, roccas, rogus, romulus, rootless, rothfuss, ruckus, rudderless, rufus, ruhrgas, ruthless, salacious, sampras, sampras', san-andreas, sanctimonious, santas, sarcophagus, sardas, savalas, savikas, scandalous, schellhase, sclerosis, scoreless, scorpius, scrupulous, scurrilous, seamless, seamus, searfoss, sebaceous, secaucus, seditious, segalas, seixas, selas, self-conscious, self-righteous, selfless, semiprecious, semiprecious, semiprecious, semireligious, semireligious, semireligious, senseless, sensuous, sentras, serendipitous, sergius, serious, service, sextus, shamas, shameless, shamus, shapeless, sharpless, shimkus, silas, simultaneous, sinuous, situs, skinless, slanderous, sleepless, smokeless, snafus, sodus, solace, solicitous, sonorous, sorbus, sorus, soulless, spacious, spartacus, specious, speechless, spineless, spontaneous, spotless, sprogus, spurious, spurious, squillace, stainless, stankus, staphylococcus, status, status, stefanopolis, stegosaurus, stephanopoulos, stephanopoulos', stewardess, stimulus, stoltzfus, stradivarius, stratus, strenuous, streptococcus, studious, stupendous, stylus, st_louis, st_thomas, subconscious, subcutaneous, subsurface, sumptuous, sumptuous, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, supercilious, superstitious, surface, surplus, surreptitious, suspicious, syllabus, symbiosis, synonymous, synovus, synovus, synthesis, tactless, tantalus, tapas, tapias, tarsus, tasteless, taurus, tavoulareas, taxidermists, tedious, tejas, temerous, tempestuous, tenacious, tendentious, tenebrous, tenuous, terrace, tetramerous, texas, texas', thaddeus, thalamus, thankless, thelonius, thermos, thesaurus, theseus, thetis, thomas, thomas', thomasas, thoughtless, thrombosis, thunderous, ticketless, tieless, tigris, timeless, timorous, tireless, titus, tobias, toothless, topless, torras, tortoise, tortuous, torturous, traitorous, treacherous, treatise, treeless, trellis, tremendous, tremendous, tremulous, trendless, trespass, trimas, tsongas, tsongas, tsongas', tsongas', tuberculosis, tuberculosis, tumultuous, turbas, typhus, tyrannosaurus, ubiquitous, ulmus, unambiguous, unanimous, unceremonious, unconscious, unctuous, unglamorous, unitas, unpretentious, unscrupulous, ursus, useless, uterus, vacuous, valueless, valukas, vargas, various, varmus, vassilios, vegas, venomous, versus, vesuvius, vexatious, vicarious, vicious, victimless, victorious, vigorous, vigus, vilnius, violist's, violists, virtuous, virus, viscous, vitreous, vitruvius, vivacious, viviparous, vobis, vociferous, voiceless, voluptuous, voracious, vyas, waitkus, waitress, wallace, walrus, wanless, warmus, warrantless, watrous, weightless, wheeless, wheeless, wheelus, wheelus, wielgus, wilgus, windlass, windowless, witless, wojtas, wondrous, wordless, worthless, yarmulkes, yarmulkes, yglesias, zacharias, zealous, zekauskas, zemaitis, ziegenfuss, zipless, activists, adjusts, adventurous, alice, allais, allergist's, allergists, amaryllis, ambidextrous, analysis, analysts, anesthesiologists, animists, anxious, arcturus, asbestosis, augustus, ballasts, banderas, baptists, barfuss, batus, baucus, beatrice, beatrice, belarus, boisterous, brontosaurus, brus, bruss, bus, buss, busse, butros, careless, careplus, caucus, cedras, cedras', chivas, congress', copetas, cus, cuss, daedalus, defilippis, dethomas, detritus, digalakis, dimitrius, dimitrius', diocese, directionless, discuss, doris, dreyfus, duenas, earless, electrolysis, emphasis, enormous, erroneous, eurailpass, fibrosis, fuhs, fuss, ghattas, goldfus, gruss, gus, guss, hasenfus, heironimus, herbalists, herbalists, herbivorous, himalayas, hugus, humerous, huss, jus, klus, krus, kus, kuss, landless, lapidus, los-angeles, los-palmas, mathias, memphis, mewas, minibus, mistrusts, moshus, muckenfuss, muhs, nicholas, nicholas', nonpluss, papadopoulos, papenfuss, pleuritis, plus, practice, precocious, preposterous, prestigious, promiscuous, prosthesis, prus, pruss, pus, puss, qantas, rebellious, religious, rus, russ, russe, schoolbus, semiprecious, semireligious, sluss, spurious, stanislas, status, struss, sumptuous, supercalifragilisticexpealidoshus, superfluous, sus, suss, synovus, taxidermists, texas', thesis, thomas', thus, tremendous, trespass, trus, truss, tsongas, tsongas', tuberculosis, us, vanhuss, violist's, violists, vyas, wass, wheeless, wheelus, wuss, xus, yarmulkes, zoologists,
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